Piercing Types

Ball Closure Rings

Ball Closure Ring (BCR) is a popular piece of body jewelry. It conveniently allows the wearer to remove the ring by simply removing the captive bead. Additionally, because of their closed shape and rounded edges, these rings do not easily snag on clothing, hair, or furniture, making them a popular choice for piercings which are still healing.

Ball Closure Rings are most used for initial piercing (first time piercing) as they are easy to rotate in a fresh piercing, thus making them easy to clean.

It uses the natural tensile or compressive strength of the metal the ring is made of, usually surgical stainless steel and titanium, to hold the bead tightly in place. The bead or ball is usually called “dimple” and we have them in lots of different styles like jewelled balls, jewelled flat back ball, spike balls, hematite ball, duo ballspike, pearls, picture ball or UV Acrylic balls.

Ball Closure Rings can be worn almost anywhere in the body. BCR make perfect Nose Rings, Eyebrow Rings, Ear Rings, Nipple Rings, Belly rings and Lip Rings. Ball Closure Rings are available in surgical steel and titanium, and come in a large range of sizes and styles.


The most popular of all piercing jewelry, Bananas are used mostly for Navel Piercings (belly) even though they look nice when worn as Earrings.

There has been a special standard established for Banana Piercings. The standard Banana is 1.6 mm or 14 Gauge. The ball sizes are 5 mm at the top and 8 mm at the bottom of the shaft. Micro Bananas (1.2 mm or 16 Gauge) are used for Eyebrows.

The Bananas are available in surgical steel, titanium, and Bioplast®, and designs vary wildly. We have a huge selection of Silver Bananas that are very popular among our customers. They come in a fabulous range of colors and designs. Whether you want your Bananabell to be Plain, Dangly, Jewelled or Unique, you will find it here.


Barbells are easy to adapt as both balls are removable, and can be changed for a number of different attachments like spikes, cones, jewelled balls, flower and jewelled flower balls, dice, UV Acrylic and crystal flat balls and others.

Barbells are mostly used for Tongue Piercings but can also be used for Nipple Piercings. Barbells make excellent Nipple Bars, Tongue Bars and Eyebrow Bars. Large Gauge Barbells are perfect for Prince Albert Piercings (male genital piercing).

Industrial Barbells (1.6mm*35 and up) can be worn as Ear Piercing. Micro Barbells (16 Gauge) are mostly used for Eyebrow Piercing. Barbells are available in surgical steel, titanium, UV Acrylic and Bioplast®.

Bioplast® Barbells are very popular for initial piercings as Bioplast® does not cause any allergies and infections. We also have Bioplast® Barbells with different attachments in steel and titanium.

Micro Bananas and Micro Barbells

Micro Bananas and Micro Barbells (1.2 mm or 16 Gauge) are mostly used for Eyebrow Piercing. We have a big variety in different styles and colors.

Circular Barbells

Circular Barbells are used in any number of piercings, including Earrings, Tragus rings, Nasal septum piercings, or even horizontal Clitoral piercings, although the latter is less common, as the clitoris is deprived of the stimulation gained from a properly positioned captive bead ring. Circular Barbells can also be worn on Nipples.

Micro Circular Barbells can be used in Ears, Nose and Eyebrows. We have many Circular Barbells with wide selection of different attachments: with balls, spikes and cones, plain UV, steel and UV dices, and others.

Circular Barbells can and are made from any metal appropriate for making body jewelry. We have them in surgical steel, titanium and Bioplast®.

Bioplast® Circular Barbells are very popular for initial piercings as Bioplast® does not cause any allergies and infections. We also offer Bioplast® Circular Barbells with different attachments made of steel, titanium and plain UV.


A Labret Stud is essentially a barbell with one of the beads replaced with a flat disc. The flat back of the Labret Stud sits inside the Piercing, and the ball (spike or cone) is fitted onto the front of the stud. Although there are many styles of labrets, the procedure is the same. The ball can be of different variations like jewelled ball, jewelled flower ball, steel ball, UV ball, picture ball and others.

Labret Studs are perfect for Madonna Piercings (Off-center on upper lip), Lip Piercings (both lower and upper lip) as well as for the Ears. In longer length, they can even be used for Tongue Piercings.

Bioplast® Labrets with 18k Gold attachments look very fancy on Madonna piercings as the attachments are very small. Labrets with cones look good on Lip and Labret Piercings.

Bioplast® Labrets are the most selling item at the moment. This material is considered one of the best materials to use for Labrets as it does not harm the tooth enamel as metals do.

We also offer Bioplast® Labrets with different attachments made of steel, silver, titanium, 18k Gold and UV Acrylic.

Spirals or Twisters

Body Twisters, also called Spirals, are basically barbells twisted into a spiral shape, with two removable balls or cones on both ends. They are mostly seen as Navel jewelry (belly). But 16 Gauge Twisters can be worn in Ears and Eyebrows.

We offer Twister Spiral Barbells in steel and titanium with different attachments like balls, spikes, cones, jewelled balls, UV dice and others. Our Spiral Barbells are available in a number of sizes.

An Ear Spiral is a more or less concentric circle that is usually worn through the ear lobe. It is normally held in place only by its own downward pressure. They can be made of many materials. We have them in Pyrex glass.

Some designs are quite ornate and may include decorative appendages flaring from the underlying concentric pattern.

Fake Plugs and Expanders

Fake Plugs or fake Expanders allow you to look like you have stretched ears while only having a standard piercing. They look like the real thing, but do not require the big holes.

The fake flesh plugs are designed in two pieces; the Front Disc screws off for easy fitting, simply push the bar through your piercing and screw the front disc back on, for a hassle free stretched look.

Our Fake Piercing selection is available in Surgical Steel, UV Acrylic and Fimo in different sizes and designs.


Hardware is not exactly mainstream jewelry but increasingly popular, we classify as hardware all jewelry that has a larger gauge. Most of that jewelry is used to enlarge ear holes.

On this site, you'll see some jewelry going up to 28 mm diameter gauge, mostly plugs, ear tubes and tunnels of different materials and designs.

Nose Studs and Nose Bonds

Nose Studs and Nose Bones are the most popular pieces of Nose piercing Jewelry as they are discrete comfortable, and are available in many different designs. Different kind of bending is available.

We have them in steel, titanium and Bioplast® with different attachments.

Nipple Shields

A nipple shield is a piece of body jewelry worn on the nipple, partially or fully covering the areola. The shield part of the jewelry encircles the nipple, and can be held in place by various means, such as adhesive, suction, or friction, but is most often held in place by a Nipple piercing. The primary intent of a nipple shield is usually to lift, adorn, and ornament the nipple and/or the breast, in the same manner as other body piercing jewelry. A nipple shield can also be worn to smooth the transition between nipple and breast, so as to disguise the protuberant feature and present a smoother clothed profile.

Nipples can be pierced with barbells, rings, or practically any jewelry on the market. Placement may be vertical, horizontal, or at any other desired angle.

Nipple shields are available in Silver in different stylish designs.

Surface piercings

With this latest trend in bodypiercing, your creativity will be the only limitation. Used on a tattoo or as a jewelry piece, our Dermal Anchors, Surface Bars and Skindivers® are ready to fit a whole collection of attachments.

Loose Parts and Attachments

We also offer wide range of loose parts and attachments from materials like steel, titanium, silver, UV Acrylic, Bioplast® in different colors and designs like jewelled balls, jewelled flat back balls, UV Acrylic balls or spikes, cones, pearls and much more on our website.